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I Had to Buy a Used Car

... at City Mazda Stadium. Picture: Daven Walters. Source: SuppliedMy brother gave me his car when he got a new one years ago, and I babied it for as long as I could. When the transmission finally went in it a few months ago, I knew that I could get a new transmission for it, but I also knew that I was fighting a losing battle. Rather than invest more money into the car, I decided I was going to look at new and used cars in pikeville ky. I was going to buy a new car, but I was not sure if the car was going to be brand new or just new to me.

I looked at the new cars first, but having a high monthly payment for years made my mind up for me.

The Best Used Cars Pikeville KY Has to Offer

If you’re in the market for used cars pikeville ky has plenty. However, that’s not the point at all. The real question is how you will find a used car that is worth your time and money. Here are some tips to help you out.

First, you have to know about the reputation of the person selling you the car. Even if an auto dealership is selling a car, there is no guarantee that it is what they say it is. You need to do some preliminary research online to make sure that you are finding an honorable place to buy a car.

Next, you have to find out a little about the car you want. If you don’t know what kind you want, the seller may try to talk you into anything. You need to be a solid figure who knows what you want. This will make haggling over the price, easier.

That said, they can always change the price. Don’t be swayed by theatrics.

Reliability is the Key to Less Maintenance

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks looking for a new ride. I’m a diehard Ford fan but my old Focus is coming near the end of its days: the wear and tear of everyday travel for the past 8 years will do that to a compact car. However, I have nothing but praise for the reliability of that old ride, so I’m looking at sticking with ford for my next vehicle. I was checking out some options on the garlitch ford website and noticed some pretty awesome features on F-150s and some other vehicles. I’ve had exceptionally bad luck with tires and never seem to notice when they are getting low on air. However, it seems that newer vehicles have a tire pressure monitoring system. I know this may seem commonplace to some out there, but those of us who haven’t made an upgrade to a newer vehicle in a while may have not heard of such a thing. An option like this could save me a whole lot of grief in the long run. Don’t get me wrong: I’m normally pretty spot on when it comes to maintenance and repairs with any vehicle I own. Yet, I sometimes overlook the tires.

Track Your Important Loaner Vehicles

It can be very difficult to own a car lot and loan out cars to people who are having work done on their vehicles. My family owns an auto body shop and we seem to loan out at least four cars every day to people who are waiting on their cars while we work on them. My parents refuse to hire a shuttle driver to bring people back and forth and are convinced that its good customer service to provide loaner cars. We found a service that can track your fleet vehicles so that you know where they are all the time. Read more

How to Use GPS Vehicle Tracking

I had a GPS Vehicle Tracking device installed in my wife’s car a couple of months ago, and I have not thought to try and use it yet. I have recently got more suspicious about her possibly cheating on me, and as such, I think it is time to try this GPS tracking out. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how I am supposed to use it, so I am trying to look up some information on using vehicle tracking on the internet, so that I will be able to learn what I am doing.

I really hope that my wife is not actually cheating on me, and that I am just being paranoid about this whole matter.