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We Need Some New Equipment

My brother and I both went to the local tech high school so we could get certified as auto mechanics. I knew that we would want to start our own business some day and that day had come. We needed to make sure that we had enough money for the purchasing of new equipment, like a new lyft and I knew that since we were going to have two bays in our new garage that two lifts and two engine hoists were going to have to be the things to get us started out.

Many Cars to Choose from

BBC Cars | Vintage Cars | Bridal Cars | Classic Car Hire | Wedding Car ...I am a college student and I clean up rather nice I have been told. My uncle asked me to go and work for him and drive around brides in his wedding cars in cheshire when they hired one out of his fleet. I knew that it was going to be important for me to look the part and act the part so I drove around with one of his best drivers so that I could get to know what they liked to do for the brides. I know how important this day is to the women that hired our company and it was going to be a great way to earn money.