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Stuck Up in Spring Valley

I have been hanging around a little hotel up in Spring Valley NY this morning. There is not a lot that I can do. I was at this little cafe near here eating lunch today and I looked out and watched this guy in a big truck smash in to my car. He swerved to avoid some fool who walked into traffic while he was totally engrossed in his cell phone. The cops came and they called a guy who does auto repair in Rockland County NY, but the whole time you could smell gas and I got to think that we could all get blown up. The fire department was nervous too. They sprayed down my car and it was a while before we realized the truck driver had a five gallon gas can that had turned over and was under the wrecked truck.

In theory I might be able to drive the car after they chopped off some stuff that is all smashed up. It looks pretty bad, but there is not a tremendous amount of mechanical damage. They are not sure whether or not the frame is still intact though. If that is not in the right orientation, then the entire car is little more than a bunch of scrap metal. I am just waiting on the insurance guy to tell me what he thinks, because he is waiting for the word on that. If the frame is bent, then the car is a total loss and I get a new one or I get what they say I get and it probably does not quite cover the cost of replacing the car. In the meanwhile I am trying to arrange for someone to bring me a rental car or give me a ride to a place.