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Started Planning for Anne’s Birthday

I called up the guy who runs the car service at Dulles today and asked them what it would cost for me to rent their limos. Of course there is a big range of prices that they have, but all of them are pretty expensive. The biggest things they have are really expensive obviously. I guess that you would need to have like three or four couple going in together in order to pay for it. I am not really looking to go over the top like that. I figure that a town car is good enough. Obviously that is not going to be as impressive, but Anne is not that superficial of a girl and obviously this is money that comes out of her pocket as well. Read more

A Great Way to Pick Up a New Job

With the economy in its current state, many people are looking for new ways to get work. Even people with college degrees or tons of experience can struggle, so any form of help is obviously greatly welcomed by anyone unemployed. The idea of trying to switch careers completely can definitely be scary, but it can also be exciting and a smart move when done right. Of course the best way to boost your odds of landing and keeping a job is to find something that requires training and getting it. CDL training is a great way to take advantage of this concept.

This training is the basis to becoming a truck driver, which can be an extremely fun and exciting job. Truck driving jobs are available throughout the world from a wide variety of companies, making it relatively easy for qualified applicants to find potential employers. Read more