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What Can You Do to Stop Hesitation in a Car?

What can you do to stop hesitation in a car? I think that perhaps I bought some bad gas or something got in my fuel line so now it acts like it is going to stall out some of the time. I am going down the road at sixty five miles per hour and suddenly it is like I lose power or something. If there is a lot of traffic around me that is dangerous, the guy behind you is not expecting you to start coasting all of a sudden. I am looking at this and trying to figure out what I need to do. The car has fuel injection and it is likely that I need to get them cleaned out. Of course the jets are tiny and one speck of dirt in the wrong place could have a very bad effect on the performance of the vehicle.

I am not sure if it is something that has contaminated the fuel or if it is something that has blocked up the system which delivers the fuel. Read more