How Good Are Citroen Vans for Commerce?

Of course the new Citroen vans are a lot different from the classic kinds. The H type is what the old ones are called I believe and that design was originally produced in the 1940’s I believe. They made those for half a century more or less and you still see them all over the place, although a lot of them have long since worn out. I know a guy who uses one one of them for a shed out behind his house. It has long since had the mechanical parts sold for scrap, but he uses it to store some of his tools in and it works well enough so long as you are not put off by the looks of it. Of course I would suspect that one of those old things would get rather bad gas mileage and that is a big factor in my thinking. You have to think about what it is going to cost you to own and to operate a vehicle over the course of time.

That is a huge factor in my thinking. At the moment I have a rather aged pick up truck and it is holding together for now, but it has probably reached the point in time where you start to get diminishing returns on your investment. Any vehicle comes to the point where keeping it in a road worthy condition is not longer a practical idea. A car gets to be twenty years old and it might work perfectly, so long as you take perfect care of it. No one really has the time to devote to the car and the fact is that a modern vehicle is going to have fewer problems as far as I can tell. At least the problems are likely to be long down the road.