My Parents Love Classic Cars

My parents are extremely hard to buy for when it comes to gifts. My brothers and sister absolutely hate figuring out what to get them, but I love it. It makes me think hard and really examine who these two people are and what they like so I get them a great gift. There is nothing wrong with the gift cards that my siblings get them, but I want something more personal from me. I ordered custom show plates online this year for a Christmas gift, and it was the perfect present for them.

It is not rare for a man to love classic car shows, but my mom is just as passionate about them as my father is. She loves going and looking at the cars, and she is able to talk about the specs and engines with anyone. She impresses people, but that is not why she likes it. She just loves old cars. They go to many classic car shows through the year, even traveling to some of the bigger ones and staying overnight. I knew that custom show plates that they could display on the walls in the living room would be something they would both enjoy.

I found a company that does this online, and the prices were even lower than I suspected they would be. The nice thing about this company is that they do both kinds of plates. They can do street legal plates, but they also do decorative show plates like this. I was able to customize a good bit of the plates myself, including the font, colors and border. I was even able to add a custom tag to it, which I knew they would both really enjoy a lot. It ended up being a great gift, and next year I am really going to have to come up with something big to top this year!