Some Guy Hit My Car the Other Night

I got the phone call in the middle of the night. In fact it was around three in the morning and one of my neighbors came in after a night of drinking. I was not really sure what he was talking about at first, because he was more than half of the way in the bag and I was hardly even awake. I had to find a guy that does mobile dent repair in London after I got the insurance guy to pay up. It was really not that difficult, because it turned out there was a CCTV camera rolling and they got a glimpse of the guy. They can not really tell much about it so far, but they have a good idea of what sort of vehicle it was. You can tell that the driver had been drinking from the video, although you can do something like this just by losing focus for a moment. It looked like the guy could have nodded off at the wheel or something like that.

At any rate I went down there and spent about three hours trying to get it all sorted out. I was a real mess that day, because I need to get my sleep and I was running on a deficit before any of this stuff interrupted my night’s rest. I had to deal with the Metropolitan Police force and the insurance company. Of course I could tell that some of the people who came by the scene assumed that I was the idiot who had wrecked the car, but it all happened while I was in bed up in my flat on the fourth floor of the building, I am not sure how that guy who called me knew who I was, because I had no idea who he was.