Started Planning for Anne’s Birthday

I called up the guy who runs the car service at Dulles today and asked them what it would cost for me to rent their limos. Of course there is a big range of prices that they have, but all of them are pretty expensive. The biggest things they have are really expensive obviously. I guess that you would need to have like three or four couple going in together in order to pay for it. I am not really looking to go over the top like that. I figure that a town car is good enough. Obviously that is not going to be as impressive, but Anne is not that superficial of a girl and obviously this is money that comes out of her pocket as well. I am thinking that if the car costs a few hundred dollars for the night that is one thing, but if you went all of the way you could go in to the thousands of dollars. That is way too much obviously.

We will probably leave the car at a hotel in down town DC. Then go out all night on the town. I have not really thought about which hotel would be best, but it is obvious that the best places are out of the price range. The Water Gate is the most famous hotel there I suppose and it is pretty expensive. You would like to make it something like that, but that is not in the cards for the moment. If it was all going to be less than a thousand and five hundred dollars I am thinking that would be good. However the town car, the hotel room and the night out is likely going to be more than that. I am thinking it will probably be two thousand dollars.