Started Training for My Dispatcher Job

I am just now getting started with the training for my new job. I was going past this place on the bus about a month or so ago and I saw that they had a sign up saying that they were hiring. Of course I had a job, but I was looking for another one that paid better and did not involve working for the boss that I had. So I went to check it out and eventually they gave me a chance to become a dispatcher. You can see the software we use on offer at this site, In essence my job is to monitor or to help monitor the drivers. If they get lost or something we help them figure out where they need to go and how they go about getting there. Of course the big thing is that we operate on the fly a bit. Just like any other thing, you start out to do one thing and then all of a sudden there is something else that comes up and it is desperately important that it be done immediately, or even sooner.

That seems to be my most important job. The stuff where the driver has a route and he only has to stick to it is not going to be that big of a deal after all. You figure out how you can best go from one place to the other and then the driver just follows his route like he was baking a cake, or doing anything where all you have to do is go from step A to Step B and so on until you are back at the Distribution center with an empty truck. Of course the trick is when you have to adjust on the fly to stuff that happens in the meanwhile.