Track Your Important Loaner Vehicles

It can be very difficult to own a car lot and loan out cars to people who are having work done on their vehicles. My family owns an auto body shop and we seem to loan out at least four cars every day to people who are waiting on their cars while we work on them. My parents refuse to hire a shuttle driver to bring people back and forth and are convinced that its good customer service to provide loaner cars. We found a service that can track your fleet vehicles so that you know where they are all the time. The company that we hired to track them for us actually put gps devices in the cars so that they or we could go online and literally see where the cars are at all times. A few months ago one of the cars was involved in a crime and because they had our license plates on them, the police ended up coming back to our shop.

When we proved that we weren’t the people in the car we were able to help them arrest the customer that robbed the bank and also were able to provide an alibi for ourselves. It is a crazy world out there and we thought that having this tracking service available to us was a great thing due to the fact that we wouldn’t want to be held responsible for some type of accident or crime. People don’t realize how often things happen out there and how their lives can be torn apart as all people are not honest. We have found that the people that are honest don’t mind the trackers while those that might seem strange always give us a problem about being able to track their whereabouts as we have them sign a waiver.